Dan Wolff is the president and founder of TickEase, Inc. The company’s mission is to provide safe and effective instruments for taking away and repelling ticks, facilitating tick testing, and educating the public about the avoidance of tick-borne diseases like Lyme condition.

We had the possibility to capture up with Dan and talk about how he came up with the notion for TickEase and why it’s essential.

BeFirst Media Team: How did you get started out with the whole TickEase principle?

Dan Wolff: I started Mass Deer Support that worked intently with inhabitants of the MetroWest location of Boston. You would not believe it, but these urban regions have a really a problem with deer — and with deer arrive ticks and all of the issues linked with tick-borne ailments like Lyme Disease. So, which is what we wished to do handle the deer population and in change assist restrict publicity to tick-borne illnesses. There weren’t genuinely any tools on the market exclusively for getting rid of ticks from people or animals. This is why we produced TickEase.

BFMG: What makes TickEase so unique?

DW: There are a whole lot of old wives’ tales out there about eliminating ticks

employing a very hot match, Vaseline, fingernail polish, dish soap and cotton, or different minor key-like devices. But they do not function as consistently as pointy-tipped tweezers. They are not safe and they are not successful. TickEase has two ends and is specifically engineered to be the most secure, most practical method of removing ticks. And it is the only twin-function removal resource that functions the two on human beings and animals.

The slender tweezer-idea on 1 stop is created to remove even the tiniest nymphal ticks from people. The other end is a slotted scoop, which is the best way to remove greater or engorged ticks from your canines and cats and other animals. You merely spot the scoop below the tick’s mouth parts and gently pry or raise upwards. In either case, you are going to want to clear the area with soap and drinking water and a disinfectant. Anytime you take away a tick, you’ll also want to preserve it for identification. And if you or your pets begin going through any signs and symptoms of tick-borne ailments like Lyme illness, you should seek advice from a medical doctor or veterinarian immediately.

BFMG: Why is tick prevention so critical?

DW: Tick-borne diseases like Lyme condition are the swiftest-growing infectious ailment issues in the U.S. and prompt and correct tick removing is a vital step in stopping infection. As tick populations keep on to grow and their variety expands, experts are locating they are transmitting a growing record of ailment-creating microbes like Lyme illness, Babesia protoza, Anaplesma, Ehrlichia (and other rickettsia), and encephalitis – leading to viruses and Bartonella bacteria.

The fact is that although ticks in decades earlier were beforehand simply an inconvenience, they have become a widespread provider of debilitating illnesses and must be dealt with as this sort of. Proper avoidance and removal helps combat that.
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